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This website is designed for RV Event Managers looking to educate and enhance the RVing experience of new and experienced RVers. If you want to add your RV event to our calendar, see our contact page. You can also update your event information by going to the respective country Shows and Events section.

2 Guys RV Education Background

Over the last decade it is clear from speaking with thousands of RVers that there is a lack of knowledge available to RV owners. Primary causes of this void are:

  • RV Owner's manuals are too generic to provide specific information
  • Dealers are shortening the pre-delivery checkup and walk through due to cost-cutting. The market went through a downturn and became highly price competitive
  • Purchases of used RVs have grown. There may be no manual, little or no walk through and in many cases no pre-delivery inspection
  • Many new retirees are looking at RVing as their next phase in life. Often they have never RVed or even camped in their youth
  • The Cost of fixing RVs have continually increased over the last several decades mainly driven by higher labor cost and the significant training requirements for a certified RV Technician


This lack of available information and education impacts 3 major areas: safety, enjoyment and the environment. Below are some examples:


According to a Department of Motor Vehicle study over 50% of RVs exceed one of the legal weights (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR). With RVs getting longer and heavier, the situation is getting worse. This is a safety issue for the RVer as well as others sharing the road.

Many RVers who attend our sessions have never thought of or actively addressed drinking water contamination and/or hygiene consideration when dumping their waste black and gray tanks. According to water.org the majority of sickness is caused by fecal matter and only 10% of the waste water gets treated. Even tap water sitting in the fresh water tank can grow pathogens that make you sick if the tank is not sanitized - something many RVers are not aware of.


An RV is a house on wheels with self-contained systems for water, power, and accommodation. When any of these systems do not function, it directly impacts the enjoyment of a good vacation. Unfortunately help is not always readily available where you may be situated.

The problem could be as simple as low batteries or a stuck valve on your waste tank or a slide not extending or retracting. Many RVers are not prepared with the basic tools and are, therefore, at the mercy of their neighbors, if they have any.


As the growing number of RVer use our National, State and Provincial Parks and campgrounds so does the potential for environmental damage. They may not be familiar with basic information such as where to dump their tanks, is leaking propane an issue or the noise and air pollution caused by a using low cost inefficient gasoline generator. Damage to environment could be noise, air, water, soil or personal contamination. We believe most people want to do the right thing and with proper and timely education, can avoid most such incidences.

How can we help?

We, John Clarke and KC Chavda, are avid RVers, do-it-yourself'ers and problem solvers with over seven decades of RV experience combined. We have owned and customized many RV types to suit our changing needs and have camped all across North America in hot and cold climates. We have made many of the mistakes that we see today's RVers make, and are now sharing our experience.

Around 2006 we recognized the changing trend in how RVs were sold and delivered as well as the growing trend in used RV sales. First we created a web site www.sanidumps.com for finding dump stations. This is now the largest listing of dump stations anywhere.

At the same time, we started presenting seminars about dumping, managing your tanks and RV plumbing. Most attendees appreciate our style of presentation as they feel we speak their language and not "RV Tech speak". We also take the time to provide solutions to their current problems.

2GuysRVEducation is our attempt to formalize what we started back in 2006. Our motto remains "Making RVing fun, safe and green".

Our services include:

  • Managing and coordinating the entire RV seminar program for an event which could include multiple presenters, ensuring content relevancy to the audience, budgeting, media interviews, and collecting audience feedback
  • Presenting RV related seminars that can be as short as 20 minutes to 2 hours long
  • Participating in technical forum sessions
  • Town Hall style Question and Answer sessions
John presenting at a event    KC presenting at a event

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John Clarke

John Clarke founded sanidumps.com in 2006 to meet the needs of RVers looking for dump stations when their "When RVs have to go..." He brings over four decades of RV experience, travelling all over North America.

His first RV was a converted van, a Class B that he designed and built. Since then, he has been active in modifying several travel trailers and 5th wheels to accommodate his family. Now that his two daughters are all grown up and doing their "own thing", John has retrofitted his RV so that he and his wife, Chris can take their lifestyle with them. For example, Chris, who loves to quilt, does it while RVing, even when they are boon-docking.

John has been actively involved in educating RVers on all aspect of RVing including RV water systems. Since 2006, he has presented hundreds of seminars all across Canada and the US at RV Shows, Club Rallies, Dealer Events, RV Lifestyle Seminars Events and RV Learning Weekends.

When he is not presenting or attending RV shows, John manages the Sanidumps.com website, the largest listing of RV dump stations in the world and runs a successful IT consulting business in British Columbia, Canada. John also enjoys boondocking, geocaching, hiking, and photography.

John Clarke of 2 Guys RV Education

KC Chavda

KC retired from a successful career as an executive in sales and marketing with high technology start-ups. During his career, he had travelled extensively around the world in addition to residing in Kenya, Canada and USA. He retired in 2006 and partnered with John Clarke in managing the business side of Sanidumps.com.

He spent his childhood in Kenya where he developed his love of the outdoors and camping. The first of his five RVs was a popup trailer in 1987 and since then he has travelled all across North America. As with his previous RVs, his current 5th wheel is continuously enhanced to accommodate the needs of his once growing but now shrinking family. Since 2007, he has presented over hundreds seminars all across Canada and the US at RV Shows, Club Rallies, Dealer Events, RV Lifestyle Seminars Events and RV Learning Weekends.

When he is not presenting or attending RV shows he enjoys boondocking, hiking, fishing and canoeing.

KC Chavda of 2 Guys RV Education

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